On loan agreements with fnatic and multiple team ownership


  • I issued a personal loan to Sannpa Ltd (the Holding company of Team Fnatic and Fnatic Gear), which was made to support the growth of the Fnatic gear business and their launch of new hardware products.
  • The facility was structured in a way to try to avoid any conflict of interest or violation of League rules and does not grant me any actual influence or control over fnatic that would endanger the integrity of Esports.
  • G2 Esports and Fnatic are competitors, have separate ownership, and operate completely independent of each other.
  • After fact-finding with Fnatic and myself, Riot ruled today that the loan agreement between myself and Fnatic creates a form of indirect financial interest between both parties, violating the LCS Team Participation Agreement, while also clarifying that the loan did not establish any kind of direct ownership or control.
  • I mutually agreed with Riot to unwind the loan between myself and Sannpa Ltd to avoid any potential conflict in the future.
  • Esports only wins if we have a healthy ecosystem, and I continue to support the growth of the Esports industry through investments of time and finances.
  • Last, but not least: I criticize myself for not being very proactive in public communication. I am going to be more transparent about my work. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Designing the first eSports Games Chart

All so often i run into discussions of what is an eSports game and what is not, aswell as which games in eSports really matter. Over time i developed my own set of criteria which defined eSports games and there relevance and started using this approach in discussions and presentations. I have now mapped it out…


New tournament platform gets $ 750K funding

Arena Online is the name of a new eSports Tournament platform that just announced a Seed round of $ 750K which already took place in April this year. Arena Online is focussing on League of Legends first and seems to be going the direction of paid micro tournaments with deep statistics based on the Riot Games API.

Self service Tournament platforms

For the last years several startups have built compelling platforms offering tournaments as a Service. The goal: Everybody can setup and operate his very own esports tournament. All of these contenders focus mostly on cup based (knock-out) tournament formats. Other formats are either covered through the games themselves or too complex respectively no fit for…


Guidelines on Spectatormode and Replay design

Often times i get asked what to look out for when designing / creating an eSports game. Spectatormode and replay is a big part of the considerations so i decided to create a small document that can serve as a design-guide when working on spectation and replay features in competitive multiplayer games.


My 3 highlights of IEM Katowice 2015

Counterstrike is back! It is 1 MM concurrent viewers that Counterstrike GO hit in the grand final. 4 times the number of last years IEM Katowice Grand final. We all saw CSGO activity rising during the last 12 month, but this audience is beyond any expectation i had before. Counterstrike is more accessable to viewers in general compared with any MOBA on…