Strategic thinking - an essential skill of any CEO

In order to assess and iterate the company’s strategy going forward it’s of utmost importance to have the fundamental skill of strategical thinking. It is a rare skill though as it comprises of many ingredients and most importantly requires abstract thinking. Here’s a quote i found which defines strategic thinking really well:

“The essential part about strategic thinking is not about theoretic tools but about developing one’s thinking, feeling and acting in a rational as well as emotional way; it is about flexibility, professionalism, worldwide openness, clarity, but also calmness, inner strength and firm willingness.”

– Hinterhuber (1990, Author on strategic management)


If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.

— @reidhoffman


Tech Bubble or not – this graph matters

Internet Users x Tech fundingWith all the talk on Bubble-or-Not in the Tech industry i found this graph refreshingly insightful. The only aspect to be considered here additionally is that most of the growth on Internet Users now is happening in Emerging or developing markets while the most attractive markets/audience have maxed out.

Reading books is great – if done effectively

Blinkist Will Help You Get Through A Book In The Blink Of An Eye ...There’s plentyful of great books out there for entrepreneurs and managers to read and get good advice from or be inspired by. Whats been annoying me forever is that the actually relevant statements and thesis of those books are mostly packaged into a much to blown up 100-200 pages.


cant beat the person that never gives up


How to present your startup. The 10 Slides you need.

Guy Kawasaki sums it up pretty nicely in his recent Blog Post with a small inforgraphic. Its 10 slides you need to present your company well he states. I’d probably rephrase it to: Its 10 aspects you should cover in your presentation.


Attitude to entrepreneurship

What a wonderful quote i found these days. It couldn’t hold much more truth of how i always strived to work like:

1) Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself,

2) Don’t work for anyone you don’t respect,

3) Work only with people you enjoy.

– Charlie Munger