I am not sure if my childhood obsession with Lego has something to do with it, but I love building things. More specifically I love building products people love and building teams that love building products.

With getting my first Amiga 500 computer in 1988 my creative energy was channeled into computer technology and got myself involved in the early demo-, trading- and hacking scene. It was computer data networks – modems and network cards – and along with that online multiplayer games that i developed an unparalleled passion for which eventually defined my professional career.

Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Guy

Since finishing my studies and graduation in software development in 1998 i have founded & managed multiple startups in the tech and games/esports business.

My biggest passion is rooted in esports and certainly best described by Turtle Entertainment, today a global leader in the esports industry best known for its ESL brand. Founding the company in 2000 i managed it as its’ CEO for nearly 10 years and moved to the Chairman of the Board position in 2010. Since the sale of ESL to the Swedish MTG Group in 2015 i am an observer on the Supervisory Board.

Starting 2011 with myself having relocated to Berlin, Germany i started to actively invest in and support startups with my investment vehicle called BITKRAFT. My investment scope is eSports centric yet not restricted to Germany but Europe, US and Asia. eSports is the area where i can provide most value through my experience and network and it’s obviously what i am most passionate about. First and foremost though i invest in smart entrepreneurs of upright character.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

– Albert Einstein